Lunch week 8 Linnavuori

MA 19.2.  

Chicken Bourgogne & rice (L+G)

Vegetable and bean cassoulet (M+G+A)

Baked apple and lingonberry & custard (L)

TI 20.2    

1. Linström patties, oinion sauce & mashed potatoes (L+G)

2. liver patties, & lingonberries (L+G)             
Spinach-feta scrambled eggroll (L+G)
Tropical fruit soup (M+G)

KE 21.2.

Karelian stew & boiled potatoes (M+G)

Beetroot-Auragratin (L+G)                
Cherry-cola pannacotta (L+G)

TO 22.2.  

Sausages & Scanian potatoes (L+G)                
Pea soup with pork (M+G)
Beetroot cabbage and sour cream
pancakes with jam

PE 23.2.  

Fried Pork cuttlets, anchovy butter and wedge potatoes (L)                
Zucchin-parmeasan patties with tomatoe sauce (L+G)
White chocolate mousse (VL+G)


We reserve the right to make changes. Lunch 11,60e / Visitors 12,50e