Mon 25.9
Chicken fillet in mango curry sauce, rice, oats, grilled vegetables

Cauliflower-mifucurry, basmati, grilled vegetables

Deli salad (smoked salmon) & creamy mushroom soup

Raspberry-Blueberry Quark / Fruit

Tue 26.9
Sour cream fish, mashed potatoes with lemon, grilled vegetables / Chicken pasta & cheese

Zucchini lasagne & grilled vegetables

Deli salad (mozzarella) & tomato soup with croutons

Berry-coconut smoothie / fruit

Wed 27.9
Minced meat steak, mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes, roasted root vegetables

Soy groats-cabbage stew, lingonberries, mashed potatoes, roasted root vegetables

Deli salad (tandoori chicken) & sweet potato lentil soup

Apple dessert cream & cinnamon whipped cream / fruit

Thu 28.9

Chicken korma, Basmati

Vegetable stuffed zucchini, tzatziki, oats

Fruit salad / fruit

Fri 29.9

Beef in red wine-thyme sauce, bacon-cabbage stew, garlic-parsley potatoes

Spring rolls, sweet chili sauce, garlic-parsley potatoes

Candy foam / fruit

We reserve the right to make changes. JotBar lunch 8,00e, with Cargotec ID card / contract price 11,10e Visitors 12,10e