Restaurant-level lunch and catering in Rusko and Linnavuori

Ravintola Osku always serves fresh tasty food available as restaurant lunch and catering service. We prefer to source our ingredients from local producers. For years, our fresh vegetables and tasty potatoes have come from Maatalousyhtymä Laurila, based in Pälkäne, Finland. During the growing season, our berries, parsley, courgettes, and other delicious vegetables are grown at the nearby Penttilä vegetable plot.

Tasty food made with fresh ingredients

Ravintola Osku’s chefs have worked in quality food restaurants for decades. Our tasty catering services can be delivered from both Rusko and Linnavuori to homes and events in the Pirkanmaa area.

Ravintola Osku’s roots go back to Tampere Lentokonetehdas, an aircraft factory, where employees set up their own food cooperative called “Osku” in 1941. Today, we continue the work of the cooperative at Cargotec’s technology and competence centre near Hervanta in Rusko, Tampere. Osku provides catering and café services in Rusko as well as representative events for Cargotec’s staff in Rusko and for Agco Power employees in Linnavuori.


Rusko’s lunches are now available for everyone!

Ravintola Osku’s lunch place in Rusko, which served as Cargotec’s staff restaurant, has opened its doors to the entire nation. Come and enjoy a restaurant-level lunch!


Lunch menu Rusko

Mon 8.8 Lunch 10.30-13.00
Pasta bolognese, parmesan

Jerk tofu vegetable stew, rice
Mocha mousse / fruit

Tue 9.8 Lunch 10.30-13.00
Chicken korma, Basmati
Stuffed zucchini, oats & sun-dried tomato sour cream sauce
Baked apple & salted caramel mousse / fruit

Wed 10.8 Lunch 10.30-13.00
Breaded fish, chive sour cream sauce, lemon-dill potatoes, warm vegetable/ Ham-cheddar pasta & cheese
Vegetable Nasi Goreng
Mango-Pineapple Quark / fruit

Thu 11.8 Lunch 10.30-13.00
Chicken wok with mango-chili sauce, rice, coriander / Pea soup with pork
Mediterranean vegetable potato casserole & vegetables and olives
Pancake, jam & whipped cream / fruit

Fri 12.8 Lunch 10.30-13.00
Pizza Friday

Tomato-mozzarella-spinach pizza

Turkish yogurt with honey, pear & nut / fruit

We reserve the right to make changes. JotBar lunch 7,15e, with Cargotec ID card / contract price 9,75e Visitors 10,25e


Lunch menu Linnavuori

Mon 11.7.

Chicken pasta with parmesan ( L )

Sausage soup ( M+G )

Veggie pasta ( L )

Berry mousse ( G )

Tue 12.7.

Pork in pepper sauce, oven baked potatoes ( L,G )

Spinach soup with boiled egg ( L )

Gratinated Gourgette ( L,G )

Rhubarb and apple kissel dessert ( M,G )

Wed 13.7.

Fish of the day, new seasons potatoes, remoulade sauce ( L )

Spicy sweet potato and lentils soup ( L,G )

Panko breaded tofu with fruity chutney ( L,A )

Traditional Finnish trifle dessert ( L )

Thu 14.7.

Minced meat patties, potato gratin ( L,G )

Pea soup with pork ( M+G )

Veggie balls, cold sauce with herbs ( L,G )

Pancakes & jam

Fri 15.7.

Osku´s meat buffet, potatoes, sauces

vegetable options

Brita cake ( L )


The restaurant is closed from 18 July to 14 August 2022!

l=laktoositon, g=gluteeniton, m=maidoton, a=sis. Allergeenin

We reserve the right to make changes. Flexim lunch 7,15€ / Other customers 10,25€

Vuorenhovi avoinna 7.00-14.00

Aamiainen perjantaisin 7.30-9.00 Vuorenhovissa,
Lounas 10.00-13.00 Vuorenhovissa,
Lounas 6-hallissa 10.00-12.00.

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 7.30am–2.50pm
Breakfast 7.30am–9.00am
Lunch 10.30am-12.30pm


Mon-Fri 7.00am–2.30pm
Breakfast Fridays 7.30am–9.00am
Lunch 10.00am-1.00pm