Restaurant-level lunch and catering in Rusko and Linnavuori

Ravintola Osku always serves fresh tasty food available as restaurant lunch and catering service. We prefer to source our ingredients from local producers. For years, our fresh vegetables and tasty potatoes have come from Maatalousyhtymä Laurila, based in Pälkäne, Finland. During the growing season, our berries, parsley, courgettes, and other delicious vegetables are grown at the nearby Penttilä vegetable plot.

Tasty food made with fresh ingredients

Ravintola Osku’s chefs have worked in quality food restaurants for decades. Our tasty catering services can be delivered from both Rusko and Linnavuori to homes and events in the Pirkanmaa area.

Ravintola Osku’s roots go back to Tampere Lentokonetehdas, an aircraft factory, where employees set up their own food cooperative called “Osku” in 1941. Today, we continue the work of the cooperative at Cargotec’s technology and competence centre near Hervanta in Rusko, Tampere. Osku provides catering and café services in Rusko as well as representative events for Cargotec’s staff in Rusko and for Agco Power employees in Linnavuori.


Rusko’s lunches are now available for everyone!

Ravintola Osku’s lunch place in Rusko, which served as Cargotec’s staff restaurant, has opened its doors to the entire nation. Come and enjoy a restaurant-level lunch!


Lunch menu Rusko

Mon 28.11 Lunch 10.30-13.00

Thai Pork Wok, coriander, basmati, noodle

Beetroot balls, pesto sauce, oats and vegetables

Plum Quark / fruit

Tue 29.11 Lunch 10.30-13.00

Breaded fish, mashed potatoes with sweet potato, tomato-herb sour cream, roasted vegetables / Pesto chicken pasta & cheese

Palak paneer from bread cheese, basmati, coriander

Melon-mango salad / fruit

Wed 30.11 Lunch 10.30-13.00

Liver in blackcurrant sauce, mashed potatoes, warm vegetable, lingonberry / Chicken Thai soup

Vegetable lentil lasagna & warm vegetable

Salt caramel apple & vanilla foam / fruit

Thu 1.12 Lunch 10.30-13.00

Spanish meat stew, roasted potatoes, beans / Pea soup with pork

Halloumi Wok with mango-chili sauce, rice

Pancake & jam / fruit

Fri 2.12 Lunch 10.30-13.00

Chicken tortilla with fried onion-sweet pepper, Nacho rice, salsa, garlic mayonnaise sauce

Horse bean product & vegetable tortilla, Nacho rice, salsa, garlic mayonnaise sauce

Christmas delicacy / fruit

We reserve the right to make changes. JotBar lunch 7,15e, with Cargotec ID card / contract price 9,75e Visitors 10,25e


Lunch menu Linnavuori

Mon 28.11.

Chicken “Flying Jacob” Swedish style, rice ( L+G )

Tomato and chorizo soup ( M+G )

Vegetable frittatta ( L+G )

Mango-melon salad ( M+G )

Tue 29.11.

Sausage stroganoff & potatoes  ( L )

Jerusalem artichoke soup ( L+G )

Berry kissel ( M+G )

Wed 30.11.

Chrispy white fish, mashed potatoes & egg sauce ( L+A )

Tom kha kai (Thai chicken soup) ( L+G+A )

Veggie pasta ( L )

Berry mousse ( VL+G )

Thu 1.12.

Meat pasta casserole ( L )

Pea soup with pork ( M+G )

Vegetarian pea soup ( M+G )

Pancakes & jam

Fri 2.12.

Oriental pork & rice ( M+A )

Creamy fish soup ( L+G )

Seitan vegetable wok ( M+A )

Postre grandiosa

l=laktoositon, g=gluteeniton, m=maidoton, a=sis. Allergeenin

We reserve the right to make changes. Flexim lunch 7,15€ / Other customers 10,25€

Vuorenhovi avoinna 7.00-14.00
Lounas 10.00-13.00 Vuorenhovissa,
Lounas 6-hallissa 10.00-12.00.


Lunch menu Siuro

Mon 28.11
Pork kung po and rice

Tofu kung po and rice

Lingonberry-coconut quark

Tue 29.11
Fried vendace, mashed potatoes with citrus and carlig sauce

Cauliflower curry and rice

Blackcurrant-apple kissel and whipped cream

Wed 30.11
Meatballs with tomato sauce, pasta and parmesan

Spinach parmesan pasta

Fruit smoothie

Thu 1.12
Creamy curry chicken and rice

Falafel with creamy curry sauce and rice

Lingonberry crumble and vanilla sauce

Fri 2.12.
Overripe pork with dark horseradish sauce, cream potatoes

Mango quark

We reserve the right to make changes.

The price of lunch is €11.25, for Purso staff €7.15.
Open from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., breakfast from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Lunch from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.



Lunch menu Next

Mon 01.11 Lunch 10.00-12.30 
Aterian nimi

Tue 02.11 Lunch 10.00-12.30 
Aterian nimi

Wed 03.11 Lunch 10.00-12.30 
Aterian nimi

Thu 04.11 Lunch 10.00-12.30 
Aterian nimi

Fri 05.11 Lunch 10.00-12.30 
Aterian nimi

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 7.30am–2.50pm
Breakfast 7.30am–9.00am
Lunch 10.30am-12.30pm


Mon-Fri 7.00am–2.30pm
Breakfast Fridays 7.30am–9.00am
Lunch 10.00am-1.00pm


Mon-Fri 7.30am–2.00pm
Breakfast 8.00am-9.00am
Lunch 10.00am-12.30pm